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It's been two years since I sold my stock options and bought a one-way ticket to Bali. And what an incredible two years it has been. Following my heart was truly the best decision I ever made.


I feel so alive, so blessed and so crystal clear on my dreams and future.


I've been back in Bali now for a little over a week. It feels beyond good to be back on this magical island. It truly feels like home. It's everything here..... the colours of the offerings, the smells of incense and smoke at sunset. The old men and women, wrinkled and smiling, balancing piles of grass on their heads as they come from the fields after a hard days' work, with machetes in their hands. 


I forgot how the Bali dogs congregate in the streets at night like a gang and then chase my scooter as I speed through the dark. How they sleep in the street and bark all night. Oh Bali dogs.


It's the genuine warmth and kindness of the Bali people. I truly love it here.


I'm getting over a flu this weekend and sort of having my own solo goddess retreat. Hair mask, face mask, writing, meditation, incense. I'm gearing up to creating my business and manifesting my next dream. Very excited to show you all what I am creating. This is my sanctuary where I will be living as I create and manifest ❤ 



Looking back on the last two years, I really do feel like a different girl now. I am a different girl. I'm a woman ❤ 


I've stepped into my power and into my divine feminine. I expect the best for myself, and I receive it. 


When you expect mediocre for yourself, that is what you will get. When you expect extraordinary for yourself, you receive that and more, in every area of your life.


When I lived here two years ago, I had not yet made the mindset shifts and had not cultivated true happiness and love within myself. I was operating in a mindset of lack. My thoughts were for the most part negative, self-limiting and definitely not attracting amazing energy. Instead of seeing the unlimited potential in everything, all I saw was the potential for problems and difficulty and failure.


I see differently now. Very differently. I say this smiling. And to tell you the truth……....... it didn't take much work. All it took was one secret formula. Gratitude.


When I started the gratitude journal in Australia, it literally changed my life. I started attracting amazing and open-minded people into my life. The world became more beautiful. The job in the Maldives was offered to me. Magic began to occur, daily.   


Gratitude creates a wave of amazing energy and it attracts amazingness back to you, in every way. It truly is magic. Look around at your blessed life. You are so much richer than you think.


Two years later ......... I see beauty everywhere. It's pretty easy in Bali, though. It's so breathtaking here. I see all the beautiful colours and smile in awe at the dragonflies, fireflies and butterflies. Looking out of the place I have rented…… it is literally like watching a real-life screen-saver of a jungle scene! 



I see absolute abundance in everything. I see unlimited opportunity, potential and solutions to everything. 


I am so grateful for the amazing year I have had in the Maldives. For the people I met and true luxury I got to experience, every single day. I am so grateful for a truly special man that has come into my life and makes me smile everyday and is everything I have ever dreamed of  


I am so grateful for the bed I will sleep in tonight, for the food in my fridge and for the crickets and dogs that will supply the soundtrack until the sun rises. 


Thank you for reading this. Have an amazing day or night, wherever you are in the world.


You deserve the best!





Kuala Lumpur. You are such an assault - and sensual pleasure - to all my senses.



You are a vortex of energy. Raw, real, alive, colourful, intense and captivating.



Your air is hot and smoky and pungent and leaves a dew on my skin. Your bright lights are so beautiful. 



Your people are energised, proud and full of love. 



You have a place in my heart and here you will stay. Thank you.

Get Sh*t Done



I read a life-changing sentence the other day on time management and productivity. It stated:


"Treat every day as though you are going on holiday tomorrow."


You know how it is the day before you go on vacation. It's a mad rush. There is a list of stuff to do and you know it all HAS to get done. 


And Shit Gets Done.


Even if you are absolutely tired, you somehow manage to find hidden stores of energy to maximize your time and execute everything you have to do. 


You solve problems with tiger-like speed and laser sharp efficiency. You cut through the frivolous crap that is slowing you down or getting in your way.


You know exactly what needs to be done, where to find what you need and how to do it. 



You Are Unstoppable.


I AM going on vacation tomorrow, so today is one of these days. It's that excitement and adrenaline that you get right before you travel. That incredible energy that fires you up to achieve everything you need to do. The plane is leaving at a certain time, and you and your packed bag and passport need to be on it. 


So, next time you think about the things you need to do or get done......... pretend you are travelling tomorrow. I bet you will be struck with a powerful force of energy that motivates you into taking action. 


Ok onto the next thing on my list ;)


LOVE, Kate  


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The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life


It's my last weekend in the Maldives. I still can't believe I have been living this dream for nine out of the last twelve months. Shangri-La has truly treated me as family and I am so eternally grateful for the experience I have had here. I've basically been on honeymoon with myself for a year.


The memories I will have for life are rich, luxurious, colourful and beautiful beyond description.


I woke this morning at 530am. I had no plans to get up, but the sky was beginning to change colours and I could see the clouds floating gracefully through the early morning sky. The sound of the waves and the warm breeze was so enticing and delicious, I had to take the opportunity to enjoy this magical time of the day. 


I sat outside of the villa and meditated. Connected to source.

It was pure magic.


After a dip in the pool, I ordered breakfast to the villa. It's 945am now. I will head to the beach to soak and play in the salt water and sun rays. I will look for shells, my favourite thing to do on the island. Whatever makes your soul happy. Do that.


Today is a blessing. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 


Shangri-La, thank you. Universe, thank you. I am so grateful for everything and so grateful for today. The future is so bright and I'm so looking forward to Kuala Lumpur next week to spend some precious girl time with a dear goddess who I adore and love. Afterwards, it's Bali to meet with Mum and Dad and spend some precious time with them there. So excited for afternoon naps, massages, book stores and enjoying food and drink with loved ones!


Feeling goddess-like. Feeling free. Feeling LOVE.


Have a wonderful weekend! Wherever you are in the world. Cherish your time. Cherish your love and beauty, in all its forms.


LOVE, Kate


Be Fierce

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Be Fierce. 


Be Ruthless.


Go After What You Want.


Hunt Your Dreams.


You can be ruthless......... while still being kind.




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